Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Special guests this year were Alan McGee, producer of Oasis and leading figure in the English music industry. Also, Paul Arthurs "Bonehead", ex guitarist and co founder of the band with front man Liam Gallagher. The idea behind this project was to not only celebrate one of the best bands of the 90's, but it was also be an occasion to promote young up and coming indie bands. The evening featured DJ sets by Alan McGee, and Bonehead. Plus a special gig which including four Italian bands: Morning Sun (Tribute band from Milan), Supernova (Tribute band from Padoa), Likely Lads (Indie-Rock-Pop from Milan), Smodati (Power pop band from Milan). During the event Alan McGee announced the winners of the INDIE BAND CONTEST hosted by the song was London Zella and the name of the band is Capozella.  The event also featured a promotional stall by the charity "Don't touch her" including the sale of special limited edition T-Shirts in support of this campaign against child abuse.
An event organised by Three Stroke Productions, Morning Sun and  Coolness Firm Milano
Many thanks to  our sposors: Sky Music Box, Ryan Air, Epiphone....
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Grandissimo successo per la Oasis Night svoltasi a Milano il 29 maggio 2010 al Limelight di Milano. Gli oltre  700 fans hanno potuto assistere ai DJ sets di  Alan Mc Gee e Paul Bonehead Arthurs e ai live sets di Lilely Lads, Supernova, Smodati e Morning Sun. La serata è stata organizzata grazie alla tribute band milanese Morning Sun in collaborazione con Three Stroke Productions  di Londra e al negozio Coolness di Milano e con la'usilio di sponsor d'eccezione quali Sky Music Box e Ryan Air. 
 Una grande serata all'insegna del BritPop che, a detta degli organizzatori avrà un seguito molto presto....
Per veder altre foto e per maggiori informazioni andate al sito ufficiale della Oasis Night