Friday, 21 January 2011

Three Stroke Productions Summer 2011

The Three Stroke Productions designer  t-shirts   are carefully manufactured using the finest cotton  and   are made using  our own patterns in order  to set high  quality standards and to create "unique" garments..
Every season we release about 20 new, fresh and "original"  artworks. Our graphic t shirts are inspired by the
 "subcultures" we are used to live in since ever . Our  t shirts are made in order to  deliver  our  message  made of  Style, Identity and Respect.  Some t shirts look  funny other are somehow a bit more aggressive. No doubt  they are all meant  to describe streetlife according to  our point of you never forgetting a touch of sense of humour.  After much in-depth a  deep work of research carried out  by our  design team, the graphic artworks are eventually brought to life  by  top  free lance  graphic artists.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Summer 2011 previews available soon.....STAY TUNED ! ! !
T shirts, polo shirts, shirts, hoodies, Summer Jackets....
100% manufactured in Italy.....
Three Stroke Productions