Monday, 27 June 2011

Pride & Passion: The Rise of the British Subcultures

A photo contest  organised by Three Stroke Productions....
Terms and conditions to be released soon..

" Over the years Subcultures and Fashion have often influenced each other in so many ways. In the past,  Mods, Skinheads, and Casuals have all adopted various clothing brands to achieve a certain style. With some of those brands now being held in high regard with cult status. Some "iconic" brands  owe a relevant part of their success to their association to the "scene"  The Three Stroke Productions label not only takes inspiration from some of these subcultures, but was genuinely born and still lives within the scene. Over the years we've sponsored and supported several events and bands. Developing a true interest towards these urban styles - hence our wish to portrait the world of the British Subcultures and the idea to showcase characters and situations related to them in the most genuine and natural way".