Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Guy Called Minty & Three Stroke Productions: a few words with Michael

The first collaboration between A Guy Called Minty and Three Stroke Productions dates back to May 2010 when we asked Michael to help us with a few graphic works: the result is that his 3 Casuals T shirt was one of our Summer 2010 beost sellers....The next 2 works (Subbuteo Casuals and Table Football sweatshirts ) will hit shops shelves in 2 weeks time....
and the best is yet to stay tuned for more news...

The 3 casuals t shirt u made for three stroke productions received a very good feedback and your works seem to be very popular within the "casual" scene..what can u say about it? 
Yes my work seems to be hit with the casual scene all over europe...
A quick painting of a character in CP and Trim Trabbs has led me doing this full time which cant get any better for me. Working from home doing what I love to do.

Tell us more about your style: when did u start and which artists do u take inspiration from?
Obviously not all my work I sell is Casual related. Ive always been into drawing/painting since a young age and while in school I just couldnt wait for my next Art lesson...Art College years followed but then I dropped of the pace. I kept my hand in with a few pieces here and there but nothing like the rate of work Im producing now. It was owning my own house that led me back to my passion. Creating pictures on canvas ofr walls around my house. Also creating Beatles and landmark collages that got my creative juices flowing.. That was about eight years ago and always think to myself why I didnt start creating and being artist sooner. But theres always ifs and buts. Take inspiration from every angle. But mainly from fashion and other fellow graphic artists..... at the moment love looking at more graphic work such as David Ellis, Blu Blu, Gabriel Moreno, and painters like Michele del Campo.. quality work.

Music: best new bands? your favourite music while working?
Music....aother passion of mine... Yea love listening to anything that floats my boat... espeically on sound cloud.... looking forward to noel gallaghers new album more than I was beady eye.... Love finding music thats been out there for years... Alex Gopher is a hit at the moment... Mainly the stuff Im listening to at the moment is french dance music... Again always on repeat in my studio which is abit out of the norm for me but Radio Fuzzy Sunshine Pop part 1 & 2....

Cardiff City FC: what are your expectations for the next season?
Yea Cardiff CIty is my team.... After a massive dissapointment to finish off last season championship and see our arch rivals Swansea be the first welsh team to reach the premiership was a bitter pill to swallow. But we must move on... I think Dave Jones' time had come to step down and did all he could at the club.. But looking forward to see malky mackays contributions.... looking forward to the new siginings Espeically the legend Robert Earnshaw and Kenny Miller...

What's your favourite piece of clothing?
My favourite brand at the moment is with out doubt "FOlk". Ive bought a few pieces recently and love everything they do.

Current/future projects?
Current projects really is still discovering my style and pushing it as far as I can within the casual scene or areas people can relate to ..currently revamping my website which is the blind leading the blind as Im building it myself... Nothing too technical but again great satisfaction for me once I finish it..

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