Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New band from Wales: The Melody (powered by Three Stroke Productions)

Our good friend Wayne sent us an update about his new project...The Melody

The Melody are:
Wayne Morgan: Vocals/Guitar
Josh Collier:Guitar/Backing Vocals
Anthony Hicks:Drums/Backing Vocals
Jay Mills:Bass
Please see below Bio Written by Matteo @ Zani  (top ezine  http://www.zani.co.uk/ )

The Melody. Fresh from the ashes of The Secret Faces, comes a hard hitting pop power five piece from Wales, with a beautiful combination of anger and melody. Their music is dark yet there is a sense of optimise and hope, all delivered with energy and weight, there are certainly a tour de force.
 Dressed like a gang of Italian ultras with a twisted take on Sgt Peppers, it is clear that their own agenda of take no prisoners with their music, and they certainly get by with a little from their friends. As they have won support of the likes John Hellier (Wapping Wharf), and The Internet Hit Comedy Svengali. Leading to their debut gig at official Svengali night at The Mountain Ash Inn, South Wales one summer’s evening, with charming manners and cheeky confidence , their entourage of friends will grow and grow, and in return take them to the promise land of success, and rightly so.

Knowing full well the British music is in disarray, The Melody are abiding time with discipline by song writing, chasing gigs, recording and adding more colourful clothes to their wardrobe. Scheming and plotting whilst waiting for the right time to strike, like a snipers’ bullet with a flower wrapped around the shell.
The Melody are coming, don’t lock up your daughters, fling your doors wide open and let the music get you going.

For more info: http://themelody.moonfruit.com/ 

Thanks Wayne  and, of course,  Matteo (Zani.co.uk) for txt and photo.....