Sunday, 6 November 2011


A few words with graphic artists, bands, clothes shop owners and other people that we like...

A GUY CALLED MINTY: graphic designer from Wales chatting with us about music, fashion and graphic arts... 

TALK TO ROBIN: Camber Sands Scooter Rally organiser 

SALIONS VERONA: Casual & British Wear and Three Stroke Productions retailers, Verona, Italy (in Italian) 

THE MELODY: new project by ex Secret Faces members hailing from South Wales 

THE COOLNESS SOCIETY: a few words with Elvio, owner of this Milan shop
devoted to the "Casual Style"

THE HACIENDA: top "brit pop" band from Florence powered by Three Stroke Productions, Italy intervista Alan Tyler fondatore della Three Stroke Productions (from webzine. In Italian)

THREE STROKE PRODUCTIONS. An interview by Zani: Alan Tyler talking about casuals, mods, fashion, etc..

MICHAEL HAWKEY: (A Guy Called Minty) graphic designer from Wales

THE SECRET FACES: Classic 78 Punk. I enjoyed it !
Eddie Piller. Q Radio. Acid Jazz Records.


THE UNIVERSAL: As sharp musically as they are in attire, Liverpool quartet
The Universal apply timeless values of upbeat melodic British rock songwriting to a sharp-dressed 2011 mode 

SMODATI: Power Pop Band from Milan. Good friends of Three Stroke Productions