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Three Stroke Productions talks to Rachid. BJJ/MMA in Morocco.

Our friends at Three Stroke Combat Studio regularly attend contests and stages across Europe. This time they will meet Rachid, a 34 year old BJJ fighter from Casablanca. I'm sure not many of you out there will know a lot about this city? Rachid not only tells us about combat sports in Morocco, but also about the beauties of his country....

Hi Rachid , introduce yourself and your team:
My name is Rachid Imzara, i am 34 years old and i was born and raised in Casa , since i was a kid i was involved in martial arts. At the age of 10 i did judo for 4 years then i switched to karate kyukushinkai training with my uncle who was a black belt in the Usa, after i got my brown belt,,, i hurt my knee so i stooped training,,, after being away from martial arts, for two years i wanted to get back to training , so in 2003 my friend Rida Mourak opened a jiu-jitsu gym after coming back from Thailand,,, and since then I’ve practicing bjj and i have a purple belt.

Describe your typical day, work, family....
I work Monday to Friday from 8 pm to 17 pm then i go home rest and eat, after i go straight to the gym, i do bjj Monday, Wednesday and Friday and  Tuesday and Thursday i do mma ,i usually go one hour jogging Saturday, my busy schedule i try to spend as much time with my family also whenever i have time i chat with my girlfriend (Yana) who's lives in Ukraine

Can u describe the "scene" in your country as far as BJJ and martial arts are concerned?
Bjj and Mma are still new to in here and not many people know about it, so there aren't many gyms or tournaments to test your level, the first tournament "open morocco bjj" took place in Rabat last year which i finished third in my weight class, and since then no tournament had been organized,,,, as far as combat sports concerned in here, we have many gifted athletes but they need help from people with experience ,,whit my friend tachfine bouachrine who is a professional mixed martial artist and a jiu-jitsu in usa and whit a very limited resources we just opened another bjj and mma gym.

 MMA is growing is the Moroccon scene? events? Team?
 MMA is the very young discipline in Morocco and trainers are usually practitioners of other martial arts disciplines but for the love of mma they choose to teach, it is a good thing but it seems to me but it's not enough,must also have experience in rings and cages . The only MMA tournaments organized in Morocco was the ffc2 Casablanca in 2009 which had the participation of my friend and coach rida mourak, who won in the 1st round.

Currently there are several facilities that incorporate in their mma training programs,,, I hope that it will be a recognition of the sport by one of the federations, to practice and also have more tournaments, and I also hope to have sponsors to sponsor this kind of tournaments and events.

Why did u become a BJJ fighter? What role can a martial art play in education?
I was already fighter when I practiced kyukushinkai after i was introduced to bjj i like it a lot and i think it's completed sport that can be used for self defence and for many real life situations  and also it can be practiced at any age "bjj for life"
+ it teaches you discipline, respect and your confidence also, to be right mind in right body

Movies such as casanegra e ali zaia show a new picture of your city. This is very interesting for    us is life for young boys and girls in Casablanca?   
Casablanca is growing very fast and young boys and girls in here are getting very influenced by American and European culture, and you can see that from the way they're dressed, the music they listen to and the places they go to in order o eat( kfc, MC Donald’s , burger king,,,,)and the places they hang out, there is also the traditional side of Casablanca in the old district,,, also the tourist side (the former MIDINA, mosque hassan 2,,,)

What is you opinion about "drugs"?
as an athlete i don't like drugs because of the effect is they have on the body and the mind

Do you like music? What are you favourite artists?
I like music,  listen to pretty much all kind of music , so when i am working out i like listening to linking park, sublime , iron maiden, and when i am hanging out whit my girlfriend yana i like listening to jack Johnson, Ben Harper, and the list goes on..

Do you follow any other sport? Any favorite football team?
I watch lot of football, and my favourite teams are wydad of Casablanca, fc Barcelona, and Manchester united

Morocco  looks exciting ..with increasing number of visitors from Europe ... we need some recommendations for our readers... tell us the 2/3 best places visitors shouldn't miss .... (Nice venues,  historial sites, shopping...anything...)
 In Morocco, every city is unique and has its own charm ;

- FES is one of the cities that i recommend people to go visit, it's one of the oldest and it's called "the scientific capital" and it has one of the oldest universities in the world called "University Al Quaraouiyine" and it has lot of beautiful old and traditional architecture,,,
   -Marrakech is another city that i recommend, it's know by a place called "JamaĆ¢ El Fna" was listed by UNESCO in 2001 as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, also known by it’s artisan art,,
  -Essaouira is a coastal city, it’s also know by it music festival "gnawa festival" which a music unique to this area of the country , the city is wind so it's ideal for people who like kite surfing and fly surfing

Are you inspired by any fighter present or past?
 Fedor Emelianenko is my favoritr fighter because he's a complete fighter and i like his character inside and outside the ring, i would love to meet up him one day,,,

Have you ever needed to use your fighting skills outside the mat?
Yes, i had to defend myself,,, but always i try to avoid problems

We now suffer from a deep economic crunch involving high unemployment rate...what's your opinion about it? what do people think about current situation in Europe?
I think it's a very difficult situation for Europeans and for Moroccans who live in there, and i know many Moroccans who came back home because of the crisis

Do  global crises show it's symptoms in Morocco aswell?
Many countries got touched by the current crises and we too but not too,, and we can see it in from the money that Moroccans living in Europe usual bring it's becoming less,
and also Europeans investing in morocco is becoming less , but with the way the economical management goes in here is helping us keeping an equilibrium

Any plans to take part in some contests in the next few months?
 I train regularly, as soon as he will be a competition, I'd be there,,, I also hope to participate in the championship Europe at Lisbon
 I want to thank my team and all my teamates ( Reda, Tachfine, Alika, El Oukili, Abdelali) my friend Luca and Three Stroke Productions for this interview and support


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We re about to launch a new project called "The Collective":   a new professional blog featuring  events we take part in, bands, combat sports, scooterism, the "scene"....
Guest writers welcome...! ! ! Stay tuned......

Articles coming this week:

Twisted Wheel: the  Manchester lads are back!!  Interview and photos.

BJJ: a report about Combat Sports in Morocco.

Surf Meeting in Rome 

The Three Stroke Productions Camo Windbreaker

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Three Stroke Productions talks to Terry Shaughnessy

New management deal, new album , lots of dates across the country. With passion, style and hard work, The Universal are becoming much more than a "promising band"... With a gaining support from an ever increasing audience, we thought this amount of activity and good news requires an update. So thanks to Terry for telling us what is going on right now....
 Our friendship and collaboration with Terry Shaughnessy and the band continues and we look forward to listening to their new album!

The Universal are indeed working on a new album. We’re taking our time to make sure we get the sound we want, as, personally, I wasn’t happy with the sound of our first album. I also took some time out of the recording schedule to have meetings with various interested record companies but with the current financial climate everybody is very, very cautious. This took a chunk of time away from the recording schedule and prompted me to put the wheels in motion to start my own record company. On the plus side, along with Three Stroke Productions, Gama Clothing and KooksKleek, Del Junction have come on board and provided some financial support. I’ve also just struck a management deal with Red Sun International, which will cover all aspects of my music including The Universal. The more passionate, like minded people that we can get around us, the better.

How has the scene evolved in the past 2/3 years, and what do you think about the current scene?
I think the main thing for me regarding ‘the scene’ over the last 2/3 years is that it’s proved to me that in this disposable age of music, people still want to come out and see a proper live band, which is great for a band like The Universal because we live for playing live and consider it the ultimate proving ground.
Again, because of the current financial debacle, we appreciate this even more because people are willing to spend their hard earned cash on live music, which is commendable, as it’s tough for everyone at the moment.
On a personal note, I have only admiration for the gig goer who is happy to stick his/her neck out and come and sample some original music, as I think that these days, that’s the tougher option, as there’s a lot of covers/tribute bands out there who make it a bit more difficult for bands who play their own music. I’m not having a go at any musicians, as everyone has to pay the rent, I’m just saying that it makes things even tougher for bands like us who play all their own material. I know that the argument against that could be that if your own material is good enough, then it doesn’t matter if there’s covers/tribute bands out there. But I think that because of financial constraints, if a gig goer in ‘the scene’ only has a few quid to spend, they are less likely to take a chance on a band who play their own material if there’s a covers/tribute band on the same week.
The other thing I like about ‘the scene’ over the last 2/3 years, is that the majority of people involved are a bit more open minded. I often get compared to Paul Weller or Noel Gallagher and I understand that people are going to make comparisons about any musician or band. But I think that if people can just get past that initial knee jerk reaction, it’ll give the musicians/bands a chance to establish themselves. After all, at the beginning of their career, you could argue that the Paul Weller of The Jam was three parts himself/Wilko Johnson and Pete Townshend, and the band were labelled ‘revivalists’. But they were allowed to develop and people gave them that luxury and the result was phenomenal. Also, let’s not forget the constant barrage Noel Gallagher and Oasis received in their tender years regarding The Beatles, and again, given good grace and time, people got some great music once they allowed themselves not to fall into the trap of ‘pigeon-holing’ musicians/bands. 

"Which current bands and clubs would you recommend?"
If you’re talking about bands who myself or me and my band have actually shared the bill with, then I’d have to say, personally, for me, only one sticks out in my mind and that’s a band called New York Tourists, who we played with at a great venue in Preston, Lancashire called Mad Ferret. I’ve got to be honest and say that most of the bands we come across, their music and performance doesn’t match their ego. There seems to be less emphasis these days on being good at your craft and more on posturing.
My favourite club to play was the Sound Bar in Birmingham, which, sadly had to close down a little while ago. The 100 Club is always a pleasure to play and we recently supported The Zombies at Islington Assembly Hall, which is a great venue both aesthetically and sonically.
The crowd in The Midlands are always very kind to us and there’s a few decent gig nights going on down that way, with some really good promoters. AceFace Barbers usually put on some decent gigs and DJ Sunflower aka Paul ‘Mez’ Merrick has a good night down that way too, which we’re playing at on November 10th.
Closer to home, the aforementioned Mad Ferret in Preston is a good ‘un and the gigs put on by the Modculture Liverpool group at The Head of Steam on Lime Street or The Cavern on Mathew Street are always fantastic with a great, passionate, open minded crowd

We followed the thread on fb..."Mod Revivalists!?......isn't that a contradiction? How can you be a Modernist AND a revivalist?.... "
You know we couldn't agree more....".. Subcultures like the Mod have developed along the decades through a path made of bands, characters, events and even conflicts. Beyond reinterpretations and reshapings, what is the real essence of being a mod?
To be honest, I’d be insulting people who are real Mods by trying to answer what the real essence of being a Mod is, as I wouldn’t really consider myself a true Mod. For the plain and simple fact that I don’t live it like those real Mods do. I’m obviously influenced by Mod culture and what I can say is that I totally believe the Mod Ethic and I definitely live my life by what I consider those ethics to be.
I’ve always been enamoured by the look, the clothes and most importantly, the music. What I can give you is my personal view point on how I personally go about it in my life. Regarding how I interpret the Mod Ethics, I’d have to say that it’s about tipping your hat to the past pioneers but then constantly looking forward, constantly looking to better yourself on all fronts, not just being satisfied with wearing a Fred Perry T-Shirt and some Desert Boots and believing that’s all it takes.
I guess it’s hard and probably almost impossible these days to be original but my take on it, the clothes in particular, is that within that Mod framework, you should strive to find the clothes that absolutely suit you, that make you not only look but absolutely make you feel that you stand out because you’ve made your look personal to you. I also feel that it’s your attitude and your headspace behind what you’re wearing that will make it absolutely personal to you. Attitude and perception are everything, you’ve got to be wearing and doing it for the right reasons that are true to you and nobody else. That’s my belief of the Mod Ethics. Constantly look forward, get your attitude sorted, be bold and try and constantly push your own personal boundaries all the time on every front.

You played loads of acoustic sessions with Piet and I understand feedback is great....can u tell us more about this project? 
This is something that I’ve always done. I started out at the very beginning of my career playing solo acoustic gigs to try and hone my craft and to test out my songs. So, it’s just a natural progression from that, I think. I love the sound of an acoustic guitar and I do most of my song writing on one or a piano. I just love playing live and any opportunity to do so, either with my full band or acoustically, I’ll grab with both hands. Having Piet playing alongside me is great, as, in my humble opinion, he’s one of the best young British guitarists around today. He’s sensitive to the songs and what I’m trying to put across and his harmonies are fantastic. The feedback has been great and that’s testament to the songs and the performances. I recently released an acoustic EP called ‘No Room at the Doom and Gloom Hotel’ and I’ll continue to record and do acoustic gigs alongside the full band gigs as long as possible and as long as the demand is there.

"Clothes & football": favourite brands, favourite piece of clothing, your football team...!
I couldn’t honestly say that I’ve got a favourite brand, especially after I explained my understanding of the Mod Ethics earlier. I do however really like the ‘Wallabee’ style shoe worn with Levi’s and I’ve recently started venturing into getting suits made.
My football team always has been and always will be Liverpool FC. I’m red through and through!

Thanks Terry and keep up the great work!!

for info about gigs: 
some great music here: 

We re proud to sponsor Terry Shaughnessy & The Universal: Three Stroke Productions

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Three Stroke Productions clothing talks to Dom Hinde, the Scootographer


The Scootographer 

Dom is a young mod & freelance photographer from Cheshire . By mixing his passions for photography and classic scooters he now offers a scooter photography service. So that scooter owners can have amazing photos of their pride and joy, as their screensaver, on their wall, on their phone cover or on anything...

Hi Dom , we recently came across your project The Scootographer....would you like to tell us more about it?
Yes, I have been into the mod scene & scooters for a while. It started when I went to my first scooter rally early this year and I took my camera with me. When I uploaded my photos on to flickr I got a lot of good feedback from both photographers and mods.I then had a look at other peoples scooter/mod photos and thought I could do better, I also hadn't seen anyone offering a scooter photography service. So I had the idea of offering a photography service where mods and scooter owners can have professional photos taken of their pride and joy. You can also buy prints, any of my photos are available. The scootographer is a hobby for me as photography and the mod scene are two of my main interests, I put a lot of time, effort and money into taking and sharing the photos so I have to charge. Hopefully I can make a little bit of money to go towards my own scooter. 

Are inspired by any photographer?
Not really, there is a lot of talent on flickr so I pick things up from looking on there but there aren't many people who focus on scooters and mod photography 

Has the mod factor still the right appeal nowadays"?
Not many people know what a mod is who are my age. I do think people are dressing smarter, fred perry seems to have become more popular.  I think one thing stopping a 'mod revival' for the younger generation is the price. Clothes and scooters aren't cheap, the average price for a smart polo is about £50 which is a lot of money when your 17. 

Music: your 3 favourite albums..
The best of the specials - The specials
Trojan presents classic reggae - Trojan records
The stone roses collection - the stone roses

Are into football? what's your team?
Yes football is another one of my biggest interests, Im a Liverpool fan and go to the game when I can get tickets. 

Clothes : favourite brands and shops?
My favorite brands at the moment are probably pretty green, fred perry, clarks originals and adidas originals for trainers. 

Best rally/gig this Summer season ?
I went to a few of the local north west rallies this year and travelled down to brighton for the mod weekender which was top. So the best rally I have been to so far is the brighton mod weekender by a mile. 

Vespa or Lambretta
I do usually prefer Lambrettas but there were some lovely Vespa gs's in Brighton so a Lambretta, unless its a GS.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Royale Records & The Grenadiers

Our friend Sean Oakes runs a new interesting project called Royale Records.
A new independent record label, promotions and managerial business.
At Three Stroke Productions We are proud to introduce Royale records to our readers.
To find out more about the label and their upcoming events  don't miss the interviews with some of their  the best bands.   

 "What we are doing is building a "Royale Family" of bands and performers who will gig, work and record together. we will also be putting on various gigs and events around the country and also in Ireland and Germany that will pop up throughout 2013.
In conjunction with this the label side of things will be working within and also outside of the scene. Our first project will be a series of six track ep's featuring three bands each contributing two tracks each, followed by a compilation album. Many other projects and releases are being planned from bands and artists on the label."
"We already have a few bands signed up to Royale and these include The Electric Stars, Monkeeman, The Universal, Past Tense, The Swagger and The Lemontops plus others soon to be coming onboard.
We will shortly have our own inhouse studio for the bands to record in which is state of the art".

For more info:

A few words with Kevin, singer and founder of this New Modernist Pop Band from London

History, line up, recordings,The Grenadiers started not long ago, auditioned martin ward in Ipswich, plays drums really well and gary cochrane from belfast , currently stays in bedford , and matt hill a bass player from peterborough. i like writing uptempo songs , and was once in a band called pure mania , a mod band from peterborough in 19990, i sang vocals for gary & matt way back then , so we got a new band together in the hope of one day going on the road and playing live. detour records liked the first 5 tracks that i wrote , but needed to write another 10 or so to get a set and promote it live. very excited about the live aspect as its sounds pretty good. id like to think we capture the buzz of great groups like kinks/small faces/ early police/jam/stiff little fingers/. very british in retrospect . want to achieve high status with the grenadiers and blow away the world.
How would you rate the current scene?
Its high time the music buisness changed its time for an explosion of new british talent. sick to death of hearing manufactured shite on the radio , dont have any substance and just dancing puppets. its time for new blood with real music to come onto the scene . 
 Your 5 favourite LP/CD...
I havent got one there are so many, love the undertones. love the small faces.
Which new bands do you like?
I like alot of new stuff coming onto the scene, bands like Atomic cossak , the electric stars, the theme the last brigade . 
Are u into football? what's your team?
My favourite team ? chelsea. 
How is gigging in your area these days...
Gigging in colchester is all run by promoters who tend to like certain types of music. there are quite alot of venues in colchester , but very slow to get back , just keep hassling these guys and soon enough you will get a gig.
Your best gig 
 I dont think we have done it yet as just getting the set together.
What's your favourite clothes shop?
Retro clothes store in colchester is where i go to get decent stuff.
Which pubs/venues would you recommend in your area/city?
I recommend playing the tin pan alley in colchester its a small and intimate with a great sound .
Current project and future plans?
future plans is to create a fantastic debut album . get it released and get airplay

interview by Three Stroke Productions  clothing

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Chris Pope & The Chords Uk new single + updates

Chris Pope and the Chords UK have just released their new single Mutiny on the Thames
Top job fellas!!

Chris Pope wears the "Welcome to the Underworld" t shirt by Three Stroke Productions clothing

Chris Pope & The Chords UK at IOW 2012

As Three Stroke Productions we are proud to sponsor Chris Pope & the Chords Uk

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Three Stroke Productions talks to Danny Mahon

Danny Mahon: Mancunian Singer/Songwriter soaked with rain....
shirt by Three Stroke Productions

A few words about yourself? 
Just a regular bloke who likes to write songs & tell a tale or two.

How would u describe your style..?
It's modern folk music I think, but the folk scene don't want me because I
talk/sing mainly about the things they don't see in their little world.

Are you inspired by any musician /bands present or past?
Yes all of them. Every song you hear has an influence on you. Good or bad.

How would you rate the current scene?The scene is always indifferent, but there is always good stuff around.
It's just harder to find nowadays because of the state of the industry.

Your favourite venues in Manchester?
The Ritz, SoundControl, Ruby Lounge, The Castle, The Gardens Hotel & 2022NQ
which is really new but a great space.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?*
It changes constantly really, I'll say my Parka but it's supposed to be
summer now isn't it.

Your 3 favourite LP/CD..
Too hard to choose - would change my mind every 5 mins.
I'd say the 3 that come to mind right now are - Ziggy Stardust, The Queen
is Dead & Definitely Maybe.

Are u into football?  
Yes I am.

Do you follow your team? 
Not as much as I used to.

Plans for coming months ? (gigs, recordings, etc....)
A lot of gigs planned for Autumn, to coincide with long overdue releases.
So keep an eye out for them.

Can u tell us a bit more about your "long overdue releases"? 
I've had my album pretty much finished since mid 2011 - but the studio I
was finishing things up hit some trouble so it's been pretty much like that
ever since. I also had a single lined up for late last year, song was done
& we shot the video but due to various problems that's still not happened

 I supposed the saving grace is as I'm writing other stuff all the time
there is a good chance then when the LP finally surfaces it'll have more

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Three Stroke Productions talks to Kerry Maserati and Jolie Versatile (MMA)

Kerry and Jolie come from Essex.... They love their jobs, their families, their friends, and.... MMA!
Are there any slightly male chauvinists readers out there reading this blog that feel surprised?
Read the article and know more about Kerry Maserati, Jolie Versatile and MMA... 

Jolie Versatile

Hi Jolie, tell us something about yourself..
Where are you based? 
I'm based in Chelmsford, Essex. 
When and why did u decide to become a kickboxer? 
I always liked the idea of kickboxing but there were never any clubs around until I moved out to Chelmsford. A leaflet came through my door, so I went and signed up without even trying the class, I knew I wanted to train and get fit with kickboxing. 
Do you have a kickboxing figthing record?.. 
I haven't fought professionally as a kickboxer, just as a light continuous fighter. After fighting a few times and getting 2nd and 3rd place trophies, I won the WUMA world cup and got an awesome 1st place trophy in October 2011. 
We know that you train a lot in brazilian jiu jitsu... 
Why do you like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and how did you started to train? 
I received my blackbelt in Kickboxing in March 2011, it had been my goal for a while. I teach Kickboxing once a week and train with my students, but when you get to a level in stand up fighting, I find that there isn't much more you can learn. My good friend and training partner Kerry Masarati invited me to a Women's BJJ Open mat. I rolled with a few ladies and had no idea what I was doing, but was hooked! Kerry had been having some private lessons with Alain Pozo and Sarah Merriner from Carlson Gracie Essex. I went to a few classes, but it was a couple of months before I made it part of my weekly routine. 
Describe please your daily schedule? Train? Work? 
I work for myself and over the summer months work life is really hectic, but I still find time to train in the evenings. Since the Carlson Gracie Chelmsford gym opened, I have been able to train a lot more as its so much closer to me than Colchester. I train 3, sometimes 4 evenings a week BJJ and just once a week kickboxing. I'm also a member of a gym where I'll train cardio and I also swim twice a week too. In the winter I have quite a few days off in the week, so I can train with my friend Kerry at Lion's Boxing Gym where I hold my kickboxing classes. 
Can you tell us a bit about the BJJ scene in your area? 
BJJ in Essex is growing quite rapidly. The Carlson Gracie classes in Colchester have almost doubled in the time that I have been training there. More people are become aware of it now. The Chelmsford classes are still quite small, but once the word gets out, I'm sure they will double in size in the next year. We have a really strong team with some great fighters. A lot of the guys are winning Gold at some prestigious competitions, but that's down to their hard work and dedication, plus having a really good coach. 
Tell us a bit about your fighting style and your experience as a Kick Boxing Instructor.  
I'm quite a technical fighter and I really like sneaky crescent kicks and high kicks. I fought in a charity K1 bout last year, but the rounds were only a minute and my opponent was a brawler. There was no room for me to use any kind of technique and it just wound me up. I lost down to not coming forward and being the agressor enough. In light continuous fight you have 2 minutes to show as much technique as you like. 
As an instructor teaching adults and children I'm quite a perfectionist. It comes from when I first started training and my instructor never pulled me up about my stance, so when I left and trained at another gym, the instructor there told me I had an awful stance and it took me ages to break the habit of not standing correct. So now I drill it in to my students and until its perfect. I've got some great students and they too like to fight. They have all been really successful with either winning or at the least drawing.
What "fighting" means to you? Fighting is a challenge, a buzz and a great feeling when you win. I like to set myself goals, as it gives me a sense of purpose. 
Do you train also with MMA fighters ? 
My good friend and training partner Kerry Masarati is a semi pro MMA fighter and when she has a fight coming up, we train hard at Lion's Gym for it. I also helped Katherine Brown train for her last MMA bout. She came from a loss last year and her stand up fighting was shocking (sorry Kat, but it was) so we got together quite a lot and worked on everything from scratch with her. I'm glad to say that she won her last MMA fight and threw some lovely, precise strikes against Sarah Attwood.  
Have you ever needed to use your fighting skills outside the mat/ring?
Thankfully I haven't, but before I started training I got in to a few fights, but that's only because people saw me as a sweet and innocent young girl who was softly spoken who they thought they could start on. I was able to hold my own, but I think that spurred me on to want to train so I could look after myself. People carry an aura around with them, and I know since I started training, people can sense that I can look after myself if anything happened. One time I was in a night club and a drunk guy wouldn't leave me alone and grabbed my wrist. I twisted his hand off and pushed him out of the way. He left me alone after that. I hope I don't ever have to use my fighting skills out of the ring or mats. 
Music ...Combat sport are often associated with music..For example straight edge and hardcore music are a classic within the thai boxe scene ....What music would you use for a kickboxing fight entrance? 
For my K1 fight I walked out to a Deep house track called 'Throwing Stones' Even when I think of the track in my head it makes me feel llike fighting, but in a good way, not an angry way. in December I had an amateur boxing match, so for a laugh I walked out to Dolly Parton's 'Jolene'. Its the song that has been sung to me my whole life. It got quite a good reaction from the crowd who knew me.  
We know that you are also a DJ , could you tell us where have you been djng, UK and abroad?Good memories? 
I've been a DJ since 1995 and travelled all around the world. I have some amazing memories. There is nothing better in life that being flown around the world to play music for people and get paid for it to. In the height of my DJ career I went to India one New Years eve with my singer friend Shelley (Deeizm) and we rocked a crowed of about 3000 people on a roof terrace in Bangalore. It was incredible. I went back to India a few more times after that, but that was by far the best party I have ever played at. I went to Kuwait to DJ at a private party on a farm in the dessert of Wafra and still to this day I'm the only female DJ to have ever played in the country. In 2006 I went to Dubai for the first time and flew on to Beirut in Lebanon. I unfortunately got caught up in a war that started with the Israelis. A 2 night trip turned in to a week and as the Israelis bombed Beirut airport, no one could get out of the country, so I was shipped out on HMS gloucester to Cyprus and from there I got back to London. It was quite an adventure to say the least! My London and UK gigs haven't been as hair raising, but they are always fun. I was resident at Ministry of Sound from 2001-2003 and I won the award for best DJ at the UMA's. I still DJ out, but not as often. The world and their mother is a DJ now, and I'm picky about where I play, so I just save myself for the good parties. 
Are you interested in clothing? Any favourite brands or styles?  I LOVE clothes! My mum was a designer and made Childrens wear for her own shop in the 80's called 'Jolie Childrens wear', so she taught me a lot about fashion and quality of fabrics. I tend to have my own style, and depending on where I am, what I'm doing, I can adapt it. I love Vivienne Westwood, her clothes and shoes are a luxury for me, I love the quality and style. I really like Ben Sherman clothes, but they stopped making women's wear, so if I'm buying new shirts now, I'll buy them from TM Lewin. I always find nice clothes in H&M if my budget is low. When ever I travel abroad I like to go shopping and find different clothes that nobody has. There is nothing worse than looking the same as everyone else. Fashion is about being individual for me. I do love it when people ask me where I get my clothes and there's no better feeling than telling them its from abroad, it sounds so much more exotic.

What are you plans for next year  What would you like to achieve? Next year I want to compete in the ibjjf European Open in Portugal and I'm aiming to get my blue belt. I want to have more kickboxing fights and gain my 2nd Dan too. There are some other personal goals out of the sport like cycling from London to paris to raise money for Leukaemia research. I'm sure as we reach 2013 I would have a whole lot more goals ready to achieve.

Kerry Maserati

Hi Kerry, tell us something about yourself...
I'm married,working mum of two young boys, i'm a paramedic. 

Where are you based?
I live in essex and work east london.My club is Carlson Gracie, my coach Alain Pozo, i train at the essex clubs and when i can Carlon Gracie london. I also have a personal trainer and i train muay thai in east london.  

When and why did u decide to become a MMA fighter? 

I decided to become an mma fighter last year, id had a strike and grapple bout (no head shots standing) i then went onto fight the same opponenet the week after on a amature cage show. The fight was put up on youtube and pretty soon i had alot of interest as not many females were on the scene last year.Then an mma fighter melissa churchill approached me and asked if i would like to fight her on kayo show in watford, it started then, i fell in love with mma. 

We know that you also entered some kick boxing and boxe tournaments...and brazilian jiu jitsu...Please could you tell us more about your figthing experience?
I have fought several light continuous kickboxing tournaments under WUMA, i am a 2nd dan blackbelt in kickboxing, i've had 3 full contact and one of which was a ucf title in k1 last December. I took that fight at 10 days notice, dropped 5 kg and beat the British title holder. I started bjj last year and after 6 weeks entered my first nogi at go to the ground comp. I then competed at the English open in november.

Describe your daily shedule? Train? Work?

I work 3 days a week sun, mon, tues, 14 hour days including travelling time so i only get a chance to do weights and some treadmill on these days.Every other tues i'll do muay thai . Wed i would run if my training partner is free we sometimes hook up for sparrinng and drilling. Thurs running, BJJ, fri, some sparring, private muay thai session,Bjj. Saturday sometimes sparring again, it varies each week but i usually manage 5 hours of classes and rest of free time sparring or weights, before a fight i'll try get as much sparring in as possible and i'll meet up with other girls who compete. 

Can you tell us a bit about your latest matches and plans for the current season...
My last fight was mma in wales against Kc Kendell. It was my first to include head shots on the ground. I won in second round, ref stopped due to kc tapping i managed to use more jiu jitsu in this fight. My corner was Alain and Sarah Merriner they have spent alot of time drilling and running thru escapes and working out game plans. I have only done BJJ a year so they have managed to improve me a hell of alot in that time. I am planning on training hard now and i have my eye on a fighter i respect and would like to fight in November, i will try and get a k1 fight before and do nogi but my next mma i will wait til November for, i have another pencilled in for feb, however if something comes up beforehand and i feel ready i'll take it.  

Tell us a bit about your fighting style. What "fighting" means to you? 

Fighting is a passion, its my drug, the fight for me is not about hating or wanting to harm my opponent its about facing challenges and pushing myself beyond limitations. I like the training, the build up, the adrenaline, the war, being locked in a cage with my opponent and not knowing what will happen, just pushing myself.  

Do you like music...? any favourite bands/singers?I like various music depending on my mood, i'll listen to Foo Fighters, Red hot chilli peppers, The prodigy, i listen to xfm in the car. I also like dub, ska. i love festivals, real music, scooter festivals , anything like that.

Are you interested in clothing? Any favourite brands or styles?
glassesMy style of clothes mmmmm boots, jeans, fitted t shirts, tops, not very high st like something a little alternative, occasionally a dress or long skirt, mainly trainers and flip flops girl. I spend alot of my week either in work uniform or training gear.

What are you plans for next year  What would you like to achieve?

I would like to have gone pro by the end of this year or start of next year, more mma fights, more Bjj. As long as i can achieve these things without it impacting on time with my children then i'll be happy, they are both really young and my time with them i wont get back so they must come first. Def more mma tho, getting a fight abroad would be good, i'll go with the flow and see what happens, take each day as it comes.

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Three Stroke Productions AW2012 promo

AW 2012 

All the labels garments are manufactured to the highest quality in Italy, where Three Stroke Productions clothing work with a selection of family run clothing companies in the North East of the country.

English Clothing Manufacturers 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Three Stroke Productions talks to The Chords legendary guitarist and songwriter, Chris Pope…

The Chords were a singles band of rare exception. Their adventures may have been short lived, but the catalogue of fine music they bequeathed us stands as a testament to the battles they endured to create it in the first place. Today Chris Pope is still in business and tells us about his current projects.

Are you all still London based, or have you succumb to middle age and headed for the suburbs?
Myself and Buddy live in London, Martin in Kent and Bill Japan
You released a DVD earlier this year called 'What Became Of The People We Used To Be - The History Of The Chords'  Did it feel somewhat sentimental looking  back at your musical careers whilst compiling the DVD?
I finally got to watch it after the tour of Japan &  Australia  ... it seemed  to be  a "what if " kind of Documentary  ..
I did find it a touch sad , looking back  .. which I tend not to do ,especially Musically .. !!.
Can you tell us a bit about your current or upcoming projects?
The Chords as was is no more.. maybe the occasional jaunt abroad but in general due to Billy's life in Japan it's not really feasible/possible. ....
I now work under the name of CHRIS POPE with the extra tag of  CP 's CHORDS UK with Mic Stoner who played bass on the last Chords Tour and drummer from my previous POPE project Kenny Cooper..
We've  just finished recording an album  called "Peace of Mind"  .. and shot a video for new single "Mutiny on The Thames"  ..
Previous to that I released 2 albums as POPE on my own label ASPOP  .. "Grace of God "   And "Tall Tales & Cheap Thrills"  with Brett on drums  ....
.. I Found making  these  albums  for more satisfying musically  than anything  I ever did with The Chords . but that's as should be.....
Mic, Chris, Ken
Did you stay in touch with the scene after the band split, and how do you feel the current scene has evolved since the early ‘80s?
Not really  ,,, I always felt a bit of an outsider  ...But recently over the past couple of years  .. I've been fortunate enough to Play The IOW scooter rally's  and other  similar events and have enjoyed some of the club nights/ DJs and various bands on the scene ...
We believe that a scene is healthy if it's still capable of attracting youngsters. In other words has the Mod factor still got the right appeal nowadays?
The MOD factor has evolved so much and is far more diverse nowadays which is healthy in itself... We see more and more youngsters following in their parents footsteps where ever we go.....

Are there any current new bands that you find interesting?
The Universal  , who supported The Chords in 2010  have something about them  .. &  a band from Acton  .. who smash up their gear on stage are pretty useful  .. can't remember their name though !
How did The Chords Australia/Japan tour go?
It was Great  ... We played better than ever .. and  the crowds were really receptive  ...All round .. Top banana
Do you follow the football? You're from South East of the river - so are you a Charlton or Palace fan?
Yep   ... South of the River  .. so I'm a GOONER  ... Arsenal  (originally from Woolwich !!) 
Are you all still as fashion conscious about clothes as you were back in the day. Can you all still squeeze into the fitted suits... Haha!
Once a  Dandy !!  ....well If I can afford a decent bit of clobber  and the waistline Right,,I DO !!

Event sponsored by Three Stroke Productions

Friday, 27 July 2012

Three Stroke Productions & Combat Sports: the "triple interview" !!

It looks as though there are lots of combat sports  fans out there, so we're pleased to introduce to you three  fighters - Paul Harper (MMA England), Alain Guerra Pozo (BJJ Brazil)  and  Marco Giustarini (MMA Italy).  MMA and BJJ are fast becoming a real way of life, and as we're also fans of combat sports, we want the fighters to tell us why they love punching and kicking others (or being punched and kicked...) ???


Hi Paul, tell us something about yourself...
Hello my name is Paul Harper, im 24yrs old and i am a full time MMA fighter and instructor. I currently live in essex and train under Carlson Gracie BJJ Instructor Alain Pozo.

When and why did u decide to become a MMA fighter?
Since the age of 5 i have been training in karate and kung fu till the age of 21 when i decided i would like to go try out a local MMA class. Once i walked through the doors i knew this was a different sport on all levels, you could tell by the people and how they was training. It seemed very challenging and decided to take it one step further and start competing.

Describe your daily schedule?
I like to wake up at 7.30am have a bowl of porridge.
get down the gym around 9am and do my muscle set workout, Then i do explosive cardio training.
Once i am finished down the gym i come home for some lunch and do some drilling in my front room before getting ready to head of to Carlson Gracie essex for my training with brazilian ju jitsu head coach Alain Pozo followed by a back to back session of Muay Thai. I have recently taken up boxing to concentrate on making my hands sharper and faster. this is a day to day routine except on weekends when i teach my classes and do more cardio training with my students.

What is your MMA record at the moment?
My currently professional record stands at 2 wins and 1 loss. my loss was down to my arrogance after being pressured into a fight. i have learned from my mistakes and taken every step to have a clean record since. I have held British Featherweight Title and i now currently Hold European Lightweight Title.

Can you tell us a bit about your latest matches and plans for the current season...
I was due to fight Joff Johnston from Canada but unfortunately he was unable to make weight. As for future fights, my manager has been busy booking me on good shows with good opponents. Till everything is set in stone i wish to have another 5 fights this season in the cage and have a couple amatuer K1 and boxing fights.

Are you inspired by any fighter present or past?
George St Pierre has to been very inspirational on his dedication to the sport, as well the fact he doesnt need to bad mouth any opponents pre-fight. its the same way i like to keep it, show your stuff in the cage not with you mouth. but most recently a up and coming fighter who im sure you know off MARCO GUISTA. This man has been sleeping on a couch every day for the last 2 months, waking up training 3 times a day and going back to sleep on a couch. Most of all this man has had the passion to carry on with a smile and no negativity. he is a true fighter and has opened my eyes.

Tell us a bit about your fighting style. What "fighting" means to you?
Fighting is the only thing i know, my whole family has been gold medalists in some form of martial art and i had the oppotunity to grow up with these people around me, advantages are my game is a all round game, i fight of both stances and i am use to fighting a wide range of styles. so my game is nice and patient till i see my opening then i dont stop till i have what i want.

How is the scene in your area like?
Essex MMA scene is still very basic round here. we have a couple clubs that are doing very well , also we have some great coaches travelling from london to teach.

Do like football ? Any favourite teams? If not you don't which other sports do u follow?
I have never been able to get my head into football seems like a pointless sport to me but i respect the dedication the sportsman put into it. as for sports i follow, it is solely MMA. I dont mind a bit of ice hockey but i dont follow it.

Have you ever needed to use your fighting skills outside the mat/cage?
When i was younger there have been a few incidents but fighting itself should be left to a controlled enviroment. People are very keen on using weapons on the streets now.

Do you like music...? any favourite bands/singers?
YES i love music, i must have music on to train. it keeps your mind relaxed and when getting pumped before you go out to war in the cage Rock is definitely the way to go. Metallica, Kasabian, Foo Fighters,system of a down, the prodigy. and Dance music to relax, robert miles, david guetta, dj fresh .

Are you interested in clothing? any favourite brands or styles?
Since hearing of three stroke productions  i have looked at your clothes and they are very stylish i like them. your jackets look exactly what i like to walk around in. other than that only clothes i wear are shorts and rashguards.

What are you plans for next year ..what would u like to achieve?
For the next year its simple, keep training hard, spend more time with the people around me they keep me humble as they all have nothing to prove to anyone and most of all, keep my chin down, hands up and eyes on the goal.
Hi Marco, you are a new face into the MMA world. How and when did you started to train?
Since I was very young I’ve always been a combat sports fan.
In the beginning I started with kick boxing, and then whilst looking through some magazines I came across the MMA. Although at the time it was still unknown in Italy. I immediately felt attracted by the total fight spirit of MMA, so a couple of years ago I started training MMA. I knew I needed specific training for each style of fighting, so I started working with some great Italian trainers like Luciano Ortelli (Italian Olympic Wrestling) and others.

You recently won your BCMMA fight in Ipswich, how do you feel?
Your figth was very fast, you ve won in 20 seconds for a TKO, what was your figthing plan before the match?
On the 23rd of giugno I won the BCMMA in Ipswich, which was a major milestone for me. It was the perfect conclusion to a tough period of serious training. I’m very happy with it all at the moment, although I don't want to overrate myself just yet. So it’s back to the gym to keep on keeping on.

I don't really have any particular tactical plans before a fight. Although I do take time to discover my opponents’ style, but that’s about it. I believe the training will speak for itself.
We know that you have been in UK for 3 months training hard like 3 times perday 5 day a week... Thanks to my Italian team, I came cross Luca, who's a huge MMA fan. He offered me a job and helped me with accommodation in London. I’ve been training 3 times a day for several months now: BJJ (Carlson Gracie), Boxing (with my coach Eduardo Goncalves) and MMA with Ashleigh Grimshau (UCMMA TITLE Holder). On Mondays and Fridays it’s K1, and MMA with Jess Liaudin.
It was great training BJJ in Essex with Alain Guerra Pozo at his gym. It was there that I came across Paul Harper, who’s now become a very good friend of mine. I’m trying to become a good fighter in a sport that I love, and in which I can see a good sense of respect. Fighting means knowing your limits and trying to overcome them. I dream of becoming a pro someday, and sometimes dreams come true.

Are you inspired by any fighter present or past? Tell us a bit about your fighting style.
My style of fighting is based on punches and kicks rather than wrestling. I’m a striker and I’m working hard to improve my wrestling. One of my favourite fighters is Ben Henderson. A good fighter and a war machine, but at the same time a very good man devoted to religion (like myself)…

When and why did u decide to become a MMA fighter?
In the past I lived a kind of troubled life. I made a few mistakes and created problems for myself. Now I’m a different person, and I trust in myself and love MMA. Even if I don't succeed, I’ll always be proud of myself and grateful to all the friends and coaches who supported me along the years. It's great to be here in an interview for my sponsor - Three Stroke Productions. Ten years ago there was a shop in my hometown (Latina) near the stadium. They used to sell all my favourite pieces of clothing like shirts, hoodies, and polos. One day I convinced my father to take me there, and I was so happy to leave the shop wearing one of Three Strokes hoodies.

Do you like music...? any favourite bands/singers?
I listen to lots of Italian and French Rap as it gives me a good rush of adrenaline. I love genuine bands whose lyrics talk about socially excluded and disadvantaged people, and about those who want to overcome difficulties. For my cage walk in I have Pulp Fiction's Misirlou....

Hi Alain, you are a very well known UK based BJJ Brown belt , what's your experience within BJJ, How and when did you start?
Hello Guys, I started training around 1997 in recife brazil. I trained with Master Ze Radiola when Jiu Jitsu started in my hometown. I stopped training after I left Brazil and restarted in 2001 at the Carlson Gracie academy when it first started in the UK.

How many competitions did you enter and what kind of combat?It is very hard to say how many competitions I entered as I love competing. I lost count at this stage. This year I was not part of many. I did the Europeans, London International and an MMA fight.

We ve seen you travelling across the world training and figthing, what other fighting arts have you learned?
I trained in many places around the world I was very lucky to meet great people. I trained in places like cusco Peru with former UFC champ Tony de Souza to American Top Team in Florida. I learned Boxing with my Uncle in Brazil Gildo Guerra former Boxer. Also some Wrestling and Judo. My current striking coach is Alex Costa who trained at Chute boxe academy.

Could you tell us about Brazil and USA BJJ and Grappling scene?Well Brazil is where Gracie Jiu Jitsu started and as a consequence to prove their art they challenged other martial arts to prove the superiority of the ground fight. This is how Vale Tudo began. When the Gracies went to America Vale Tudo now MMA became more poplular and more professional with the UFC. So has jiu jitsu who has many competiotions in the USA and the mundials is held in California one a year.

Describe your daily shedule? Train? Work?I wake up, have breakfast, protein shake, fruits Coffee and train BJJ at 12 lunch time everyday. I do conditioning twice a week and wreslting once a week with my coach Nick Albert. I usualy eat lunch japanese food or salad. And at night I cheat with a chocolate every night.

Can you tell us a bit about your latest matches and plans for the current season...
My last jiu jitsu match was at the London International and I fought a Roger Gracie Brown Belt. I won by points. My biggest goal this year is compete at the Europeans No Gi in London.
Are you inspired by any fighter present or past? Tell us a bit about your fighting style.My biggest Inspiration fighters are Carlson Gracie, Mario Sperry, paulo Filho and Amaury Bitteti.
What "fighting" means to you? I see Fighting as a sport as a competition, strategy.
Do like football ? Any favourite teams?
I like football and the only team I support is Nautico Clube Capibaribe from Recife PE
Have you ever needed to use your fighting skills outside the mat/cage?I used fighting skills before I started martial arts, never used outside of the mats after I started training.

Do you like music...? any favourite bands/singers?
I am a huge music fan. I like hip hop, reggae, funk music, beatles, Led Zeppelin, Brazilian music, local bands from recife like chico science

Are you interested in clothing? any favourite brands or styles?
I only wear fightwear from people I know. So you wont see me using affliction or tapout.

What are you plans for next year ..what would u like to achieve?
Plans for next year are make as many champions in Essex as I can!! Thank you guys and thanks Three Stroke  Productions  clothing for everything. I used to be sponsored 10 years ago. Good to have my brother Luca  back on board ooooosssss