Friday, 29 June 2012

Bloggers wanted for

As from today our blog is open to you all. Aside from keeping you up to date on our range, and the events we are taking part in we have decided to increase the number of posts about other topics such as music, martial arts, graphic design, etc...We are open to most topics, as long as there's a link to our style. Movie's, CD reviews, interviews, lifestyle, scootering, events, etc.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Northern Soul, Three Stroke Productions, Sharon Finch, Soul O' Session.....

Northern Soul is most definitely a part of Three Stroke Productions cultural background, and has always been a part of Three Stroke Productions' genetics. So we were only too pleased, and proud to support the Northern Soul Dance Society, in their latest event that took place on the 24th of May 2012 in Anguillara - a small and wonderful city on the Bracciano Lake not far from Rome.

Not new to high quality Northern Soul dedicated events, the Soul O'Sessions Dance Crew, in collaboration with Sharon Sullivan Finch of the Danceology School of Leeds in the UK, organised a video shoot with the aim to releasing a professional Northern Soul dance tutorial DVD. Running several courses in her School, most of them dedicated to NorthernSoul Dance Society UK, forming an highly and successful NS school near Leeds, Sharon Finch was the perfect choice for such an ambitious project.

Sharon, along with the S.O'S. Dance Crew, and dancers, enjoyed an eventful workshop supported musically with DJ sets from some of the top Italian NS DJs on the scene today.  The evening ended with aperitifs and drinks all round.

The DVD will be out shortly

Proudly sponssored by Three Stroke Productions clothing

Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Three Stroke Kids are alright......are back...!!!

The new Three Stroke Kids are Alright t shirts will be available at some of our Summer events!
Stay tuned !! 

Some years ago at Three Stroke Productions we decided to start a project called "Three Stroke Kids Are Alright." It is a campaign designed to raise funds and awareness at some of the various rallies and gigs that we sponsor throughout the year.
Since 2004 Three Stroke Productions has taken part in a number of projects in countries such as Brazil, Italy, and the UK. In November 2009 we sent 200 pieces of clothing, such as 'arrington Jackets, Hoodies, and Polo Shirts to the areas of Roccalumera and Scaletta Zanclea. Two areas within the city of Messina, Italy. Both of these places were badly affected by the Messina floods and mudslides that occurred on the 1st & 2nd October 2009

Every little bit helps ! ! !

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Summer Scooter Rallies...Camber Sands and IOW

This coming Summer looks busy for us at three stroke productions
Once again we are proud to take part in some of the most important events in the UK.

We have been supporting the historic Camber Sands rally for 12 years now. This event is organised by Robin Quartermain from the Chelmsford Scooter Club. The rally features some of the best live bands around, and includes sets from some of the best known DJs. Over the years they have hosted a number of gigs starring acts such as Desmond Dekker, The Beat, Smodati,  The Selecter, Bad Manners, The Undertones, Dean Parrish, The Purple Hearts, and From The Jam (at the time with Rick Buckler still on board)
The Camber Sands Scooter Rally 2012 starts midday on Friday 29th June, and finishes on Sunday 1st July. The weekend will feature headlining sets from The Selecter, The Riffs, Quadrophenia by Who's Who, Town, and will also include the Battle of the Bands winners, Slim Shack. Plus there will be an afternoon set on the Saturday by the Booze Boys. This set will be strictly over 18's only!
The weekend also features the Dougy Sewell Dance Competition, the annual ride out, custom shows, a dealers market, and much much more.

Camber Sands Scooter Rally proudly sponsored by  Three Stroke Productions

There's a brand new line up in the Reggae Room, and the ever present Soul Room will be back in action.

Reggae Room line up -OLAS Boss, Danny Hatcher, Phil Enthucol, Darren Bennet  (Madness Tour DJ), Lee J  (Big Shot Sound System - Wales), The JJ's  (Up the Junction), Lee & Toast  (Ska Shack), Mick Jeffrey  (Long Shot Sound System) 
To know more about the Camber Sands Rally, read our interview with Robin
BE THERE!, and don't forget the same guys organise the Winter Warmer in October....

I'm sure you all know about the IOW weekend?

This year La Bowel Bar & The Balcony Bars will be managed by Steve Robson of Visual Impact. Live sets will include Simon Townshend,
The Chords, The Small Fakers, Mollie Marriott, and loads more. When Steve asked us about our availability to sponsor his venues for that weekend, we were both happy and proud to be a part of the team. The IOW weekend is a traditional event for all scooter enthusiasts, and needless to say we're regulars there. See you all there!

The Last of the Troubadours

After a drunken chat in a soho public house late summer 2011,Darron j connett & Joel rogers decided to form The last of the troubadours with a view in mind to have it as a collective & bring in mates & muso that they had the pleasure to meet & play with on the road so to speak.
shirts by Three Stroke Productions clothing

But fate dealt them an ace card when Luke jeffries(drums) & Rob payne(ex the rifles) joined them.Band complete they quickly started recording the songs Darron & Joel had written and released their debut e.p "sooner the better" in Feb 2012 through del junction records to critical acclaim especially from their peers.So this year theyve been promoting that around london and s/e england working their way up north late 2012.Go out and catch everyones favourite new band the last of the troubadours "a beacon of truth in the mist of the lies"sooner the better ep available on itunes now...

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Three Stroke Productions in Russia: PROUD HEART, Moskow

There's a growing interest for "new breed" English brands in Russia....
Aleksander runs a Moscow based shop called "Proud Heart",  he's now one of Three Stroke Productions most recent retailers  and we're happy to share a few words with him....
In 2007 whilst studying at University, my friend Eugene and I opened a small online store to sell the kind of clothes that we like. We are both interested in football, and we appreciate decent clothing. Our attention was drawn to the leading British and American casual clothes labels, which we liked very much. The main buyers in our new shop initially were our friends, who obviously share similar preferences with us in clothes. It is worth mentioning that in 2007 Russia was very much in shortage of good casual clothes of British and American brands. For example, trying to find a decent quality polo top was a big problem. Having opened our little shop, we wanted to supply the kind of quality casual clothes that were hard to find in Russia, at least for our friends anyway. Then, as word spread about our shop, we started receiving orders from not only friends, but friends of friends. We then started taking orders from people we didn't know, which was very interesting. That's when we realised that we were on the right track. It's nice doing the thing that you like.
To date, we have set ourselves the task of uniting Proud Heart with well known European and American casual brands, and also with certain street wear clothing brands that aren't so commercial. This is an interesting, and at the same time easy task in Russia. This was our aim from the beginning. Even today you can see in Proud Heart well known brands such as; Asics, Dickies, Lyle & Scott, Henri Lloyd, Ralph Lauren. Along with young, fast growing British brands such as; Three Stroke, Casual Connoisseur, Peaceful Hooligan, etc. In the near future we want to expand our range and introduce brands such as; Penfield, Veras, Trickett. We also hope to continue working with Weekend Offender. If we start to work with a brand, we look forward to a long and productive relationship with them. This is important to us. 
Yes, indeed. In Russia today many people are interested in new British brands due to the fact that they want more exclusive items made ​​in small editions. This means that only a few other people will have the same clothes as them. It's the young British brands that satisfy this criteria. This became apparent to us, and is precisely the reason we have included them in the brand list of our store. Along with the young British brands, we are combining them with brands that have a long history. Russia has always paid attention to the good clothes of British brands, especially those with a long history. Young British clothing brands make fewer, but certainly no worse, and more often better. We notice that we have a growing demand for Three Stroke Productions, Casual Connoisseur, Peaceful Hooligan, and this makes us very happy. We will do all we can to make as many new people aware about these brands as possible in Russia.
I proudly follow my Football Club - CSKA     Euro2012: Of course, like any Russian, I'm waiting for the victory of the Russian national team at the Euros. Although objectively speaking, I'll be happy if Russia qualify in their group and make it to the quarter finals. If Russia make it to the semi final, as a mark of respect we'll have a good sale in the store and to drink lots of beer :)