Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Last of the Troubadours

After a drunken chat in a soho public house late summer 2011,Darron j connett & Joel rogers decided to form The last of the troubadours with a view in mind to have it as a collective & bring in mates & muso that they had the pleasure to meet & play with on the road so to speak.
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But fate dealt them an ace card when Luke jeffries(drums) & Rob payne(ex the rifles) joined them.Band complete they quickly started recording the songs Darron & Joel had written and released their debut e.p "sooner the better" in Feb 2012 through del junction records to critical acclaim especially from their peers.So this year theyve been promoting that around london and s/e england working their way up north late 2012.Go out and catch everyones favourite new band the last of the troubadours "a beacon of truth in the mist of the lies"sooner the better ep available on itunes now...