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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Three Stroke Productions talks to The Chords legendary guitarist and songwriter, Chris Pope…

The Chords were a singles band of rare exception. Their adventures may have been short lived, but the catalogue of fine music they bequeathed us stands as a testament to the battles they endured to create it in the first place. Today Chris Pope is still in business and tells us about his current projects.

Are you all still London based, or have you succumb to middle age and headed for the suburbs?
Myself and Buddy live in London, Martin in Kent and Bill Japan
You released a DVD earlier this year called 'What Became Of The People We Used To Be - The History Of The Chords'  Did it feel somewhat sentimental looking  back at your musical careers whilst compiling the DVD?
I finally got to watch it after the tour of Japan &  Australia  ... it seemed  to be  a "what if " kind of Documentary  ..
I did find it a touch sad , looking back  .. which I tend not to do ,especially Musically .. !!.
Can you tell us a bit about your current or upcoming projects?
The Chords as was is no more.. maybe the occasional jaunt abroad but in general due to Billy's life in Japan it's not really feasible/possible. ....
I now work under the name of CHRIS POPE with the extra tag of  CP 's CHORDS UK with Mic Stoner who played bass on the last Chords Tour and drummer from my previous POPE project Kenny Cooper..
We've  just finished recording an album  called "Peace of Mind"  .. and shot a video for new single "Mutiny on The Thames"  ..
Previous to that I released 2 albums as POPE on my own label ASPOP  .. "Grace of God "   And "Tall Tales & Cheap Thrills"  with Brett on drums  ....
.. I Found making  these  albums  for more satisfying musically  than anything  I ever did with The Chords . but that's as should be.....
Mic, Chris, Ken
Did you stay in touch with the scene after the band split, and how do you feel the current scene has evolved since the early ‘80s?
Not really  ,,, I always felt a bit of an outsider  ...But recently over the past couple of years  .. I've been fortunate enough to Play The IOW scooter rally's  and other  similar events and have enjoyed some of the club nights/ DJs and various bands on the scene ...
We believe that a scene is healthy if it's still capable of attracting youngsters. In other words has the Mod factor still got the right appeal nowadays?
The MOD factor has evolved so much and is far more diverse nowadays which is healthy in itself... We see more and more youngsters following in their parents footsteps where ever we go.....

Are there any current new bands that you find interesting?
The Universal  , who supported The Chords in 2010  have something about them  .. &  a band from Acton  .. who smash up their gear on stage are pretty useful  .. can't remember their name though !
How did The Chords Australia/Japan tour go?
It was Great  ... We played better than ever .. and  the crowds were really receptive  ...All round .. Top banana
Do you follow the football? You're from South East of the river - so are you a Charlton or Palace fan?
Yep   ... South of the River  .. so I'm a GOONER  ... Arsenal  (originally from Woolwich !!) 
Are you all still as fashion conscious about clothes as you were back in the day. Can you all still squeeze into the fitted suits... Haha!
Once a  Dandy !!  ....well If I can afford a decent bit of clobber  and the waistline Right,,I DO !!

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