Monday, 24 September 2012

Royale Records & The Grenadiers

Our friend Sean Oakes runs a new interesting project called Royale Records.
A new independent record label, promotions and managerial business.
At Three Stroke Productions We are proud to introduce Royale records to our readers.
To find out more about the label and their upcoming events  don't miss the interviews with some of their  the best bands.   

 "What we are doing is building a "Royale Family" of bands and performers who will gig, work and record together. we will also be putting on various gigs and events around the country and also in Ireland and Germany that will pop up throughout 2013.
In conjunction with this the label side of things will be working within and also outside of the scene. Our first project will be a series of six track ep's featuring three bands each contributing two tracks each, followed by a compilation album. Many other projects and releases are being planned from bands and artists on the label."
"We already have a few bands signed up to Royale and these include The Electric Stars, Monkeeman, The Universal, Past Tense, The Swagger and The Lemontops plus others soon to be coming onboard.
We will shortly have our own inhouse studio for the bands to record in which is state of the art".

For more info:

A few words with Kevin, singer and founder of this New Modernist Pop Band from London

History, line up, recordings,The Grenadiers started not long ago, auditioned martin ward in Ipswich, plays drums really well and gary cochrane from belfast , currently stays in bedford , and matt hill a bass player from peterborough. i like writing uptempo songs , and was once in a band called pure mania , a mod band from peterborough in 19990, i sang vocals for gary & matt way back then , so we got a new band together in the hope of one day going on the road and playing live. detour records liked the first 5 tracks that i wrote , but needed to write another 10 or so to get a set and promote it live. very excited about the live aspect as its sounds pretty good. id like to think we capture the buzz of great groups like kinks/small faces/ early police/jam/stiff little fingers/. very british in retrospect . want to achieve high status with the grenadiers and blow away the world.
How would you rate the current scene?
Its high time the music buisness changed its time for an explosion of new british talent. sick to death of hearing manufactured shite on the radio , dont have any substance and just dancing puppets. its time for new blood with real music to come onto the scene . 
 Your 5 favourite LP/CD...
I havent got one there are so many, love the undertones. love the small faces.
Which new bands do you like?
I like alot of new stuff coming onto the scene, bands like Atomic cossak , the electric stars, the theme the last brigade . 
Are u into football? what's your team?
My favourite team ? chelsea. 
How is gigging in your area these days...
Gigging in colchester is all run by promoters who tend to like certain types of music. there are quite alot of venues in colchester , but very slow to get back , just keep hassling these guys and soon enough you will get a gig.
Your best gig 
 I dont think we have done it yet as just getting the set together.
What's your favourite clothes shop?
Retro clothes store in colchester is where i go to get decent stuff.
Which pubs/venues would you recommend in your area/city?
I recommend playing the tin pan alley in colchester its a small and intimate with a great sound .
Current project and future plans?
future plans is to create a fantastic debut album . get it released and get airplay

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