Monday, 10 September 2012

Three Stroke Productions talks to Danny Mahon

Danny Mahon: Mancunian Singer/Songwriter soaked with rain....
shirt by Three Stroke Productions

A few words about yourself? 
Just a regular bloke who likes to write songs & tell a tale or two.

How would u describe your style..?
It's modern folk music I think, but the folk scene don't want me because I
talk/sing mainly about the things they don't see in their little world.

Are you inspired by any musician /bands present or past?
Yes all of them. Every song you hear has an influence on you. Good or bad.

How would you rate the current scene?The scene is always indifferent, but there is always good stuff around.
It's just harder to find nowadays because of the state of the industry.

Your favourite venues in Manchester?
The Ritz, SoundControl, Ruby Lounge, The Castle, The Gardens Hotel & 2022NQ
which is really new but a great space.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?*
It changes constantly really, I'll say my Parka but it's supposed to be
summer now isn't it.

Your 3 favourite LP/CD..
Too hard to choose - would change my mind every 5 mins.
I'd say the 3 that come to mind right now are - Ziggy Stardust, The Queen
is Dead & Definitely Maybe.

Are u into football?  
Yes I am.

Do you follow your team? 
Not as much as I used to.

Plans for coming months ? (gigs, recordings, etc....)
A lot of gigs planned for Autumn, to coincide with long overdue releases.
So keep an eye out for them.

Can u tell us a bit more about your "long overdue releases"? 
I've had my album pretty much finished since mid 2011 - but the studio I
was finishing things up hit some trouble so it's been pretty much like that
ever since. I also had a single lined up for late last year, song was done
& we shot the video but due to various problems that's still not happened

 I supposed the saving grace is as I'm writing other stuff all the time
there is a good chance then when the LP finally surfaces it'll have more