Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Three Stroke Productions clothing talks to Dom Hinde, the Scootographer


The Scootographer 

Dom is a young mod & freelance photographer from Cheshire . By mixing his passions for photography and classic scooters he now offers a scooter photography service. So that scooter owners can have amazing photos of their pride and joy, as their screensaver, on their wall, on their phone cover or on anything...

Hi Dom , we recently came across your project The Scootographer....would you like to tell us more about it?
Yes, I have been into the mod scene & scooters for a while. It started when I went to my first scooter rally early this year and I took my camera with me. When I uploaded my photos on to flickr I got a lot of good feedback from both photographers and mods.I then had a look at other peoples scooter/mod photos and thought I could do better, I also hadn't seen anyone offering a scooter photography service. So I had the idea of offering a photography service where mods and scooter owners can have professional photos taken of their pride and joy. You can also buy prints, any of my photos are available. The scootographer is a hobby for me as photography and the mod scene are two of my main interests, I put a lot of time, effort and money into taking and sharing the photos so I have to charge. Hopefully I can make a little bit of money to go towards my own scooter. 

Are inspired by any photographer?
Not really, there is a lot of talent on flickr so I pick things up from looking on there but there aren't many people who focus on scooters and mod photography 

Has the mod factor still the right appeal nowadays"?
Not many people know what a mod is who are my age. I do think people are dressing smarter, fred perry seems to have become more popular.  I think one thing stopping a 'mod revival' for the younger generation is the price. Clothes and scooters aren't cheap, the average price for a smart polo is about £50 which is a lot of money when your 17. 

Music: your 3 favourite albums..
The best of the specials - The specials
Trojan presents classic reggae - Trojan records
The stone roses collection - the stone roses

Are into football? what's your team?
Yes football is another one of my biggest interests, Im a Liverpool fan and go to the game when I can get tickets. 

Clothes : favourite brands and shops?
My favorite brands at the moment are probably pretty green, fred perry, clarks originals and adidas originals for trainers. 

Best rally/gig this Summer season ?
I went to a few of the local north west rallies this year and travelled down to brighton for the mod weekender which was top. So the best rally I have been to so far is the brighton mod weekender by a mile. 

Vespa or Lambretta
I do usually prefer Lambrettas but there were some lovely Vespa gs's in Brighton so a Lambretta, unless its a GS.