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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Three Stroke Productions meets Section 60

Section 60. Five lads from Sheffield. 

Please introduce yourself: history, line up, etc:
Addy: We got together a couple of years ago but only been a serious outfit since Summer 2011, thats when Kyle(drummer) joined the band.
Chris: Me and Addy(Rhythm Guitar) had been going to gigs together for years and been into the local music scene in Sheffield but thought it lacked a proper lads rock and roll outfit and we could not see where one was going to come from.
Smit (lead): It always seems to be across the penines where all the best bands come form
Addy: Myself & Chris(Singer) got banned form football for allegedly being involved in football violence so I borrowed my dads old guitar and decided to try to learn a few chords and make a band up, Chris was straight in on vocals even though he had never sung with a mic before not even on a karaoke!!!
Smit: I found out they had made a band up and I joined without asking, I just said I am in your band now on lead guitar and they were all like yeah sound! Luke (Bass) lived around corner from Chris and he had been sacked from The Stoops for being a drunked idiot so we thought hed do for us!
Addy: Kyle lives in Derbyshire and we found him running round after sheep with some drumsticks in his hands and seen as we had lost our old drummer we did our bit for the community and he completed the band!!!

Vocals Influences.
Chris: To me its bands like Joy Division, The Cure and definitely Puressence from Manchester. Weve ripped off everybody in our practice room at some stage, I mean Noel Gallagher made a career out of it and also made not secret out of it which I think is sound. I also think its hard to be original.
Addy: Manchester band Puressence, Northern Indie Bands for me and obviously Beatles!!
Luke: My influences are Guitar bands, northern soul, mod, Beatles, oasis, verve etc

Your favourite 5 albums ever.
Chris: My fav album changes week to week as I listen to a lot of music and currently its bummed by Happy Mondays
Addy: Mine is one of my biggest influences Puressence & their album “Dont Forget to Remember
Luke: Ive not got a favourite album, still waiting for the one!
Kyle: “Up The Bracket” by Libertines
Smit: I`m the stereotypical one and was buzzing to see them live in summer but best album for me is “The Stone Roses” by well everyone knows who by!!!!

You re into football. What's your team?
Being from Sheffield with its two teams Sheff Utd & Sheff Utd Reserves we are all Huge Blades and can usual be found down at lane as much as we can!

How is gigging in your area these days...
There is a pretty vibrant scene in Sheffield but like most places there is a mixture of good and bad promoters, this can see bands used and abused but its a learning curve. We have been lucky to have built a solid fanbase and self promote big events. The one thing id change is the pay to play nonsense that exists in most cities that and ban X factor and all that bollocks and get people out supporting real music.

Your favourite venues?
Our Favourite venues are the iconic Leadmill & The Plug in Sheffield, both top venues ran by people who love music and believe, for being the other side of the stage The City Hall in Sheffield gives out a top sound and atmosphere, We hope to be on that stage in near future

What's your favourite clothes shop? Favourite brands?
Chris: My two top shops are Seasons Menswear in Sheffield & Pretty Green Store In Leeds. Current brand im into is Peacefull Hooligan the gear is quality and the lads who run the label are top boys too even for Stokies!!!!
Luke: Im with Chris all way on Seasons & Peacefull Hooligan, im also into Pretty Green, CP & Stone Island
Addy: Im an 80s casuals fan, im a walking advert for them ive even got there underwear!
Kyle: A bit of Ralphy are nice threads for me
Smit: Im a big fan of anything on sales rack, well that & Hugo Boss cos our young un works there and does me a nice bit of discount.

How would u rate the current music scene? Which bands do you like?
Chris: The Jake Bugg albums been on the bus a lot a lately on way to gigs and were all having that at minute, well that and obviously one direction!!
Smit: Im into Richard Hawley another Sheffield Lad and his album Standing on The Skyes Edge.
Addy: I think the scene currently is poor and Mr Simon Cowell has a lot to blame, lot of dross and scenesters but not a lot of quality bands, best current & future band.......Section me watch!

Current projects and future plans?
Smit: Weve released our debut album “Is This Our Day In The Sunshine” and a couple of singles Elysium & Diamonds and the response has been amazing, We have also been giving away our newer tracks through downloads and CDs at our gigs, Its about spreading the word and growing.
Kyle: Ive only been with the band 12 months but weve been at it all over the country, from Newcastle to London. Weve done about 50 gigs over past twelve months and the lads have over 200 under there belt. Its all about putting on a good show and hard graft.
Chris: This year we have been spreading the word and have followings all over the country, gigging in Manchester & London has been high on our agenda & looking to take that into 2013 with a new EP to be released in the Spring with a tour including Cardiff, Glasgow, London, Manchester on our list.
Addy: And World Domination, take a listen to our tunes and spread the word!

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